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November 17, 2019

Unlikely Hiker Trail Journal

The best of all there is on the Appalachian Trail

I have on several occasions along my journey come across students who were receiving college credit for hiking the AT, whether they were hiking a section or planning on a thru-hike, usually in conjunction with some type of write-up on their experience. I have been thinking often about how this is such an incredible learning

Staying in tune on the Appalachian Trail

When my father visited as I passed through Harper’s Ferry, he took me somewhere that offered him the opportunity to observe a process that must be amusing when seen for the first time. The place was a grocery store and the process, of course, was the resupply of a thru-hiker. I won’t go into too

Happy Father’s Day from the Appalachian Trail

Last year for Father’s Day I wrote a tribute to my father and fathers everywhere that was heavily influenced by the psychological research I was in deep study of at the time. This year I will find myself on the Appalachian Trail on Father’s Day, doing even more online writing than last, so in the

Planning to be carefree on the AT? Not me.

I have learned, probably unsurprisingly to those that have completed or attempted an AT thru-hike, that trying to hike 2,200 miles, write a book, keep a daily journal, post photos and articles online, manage some stubborn health issues and smell the roses all in six months turns out to be a bit time consuming. I

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