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November 17, 2019

Unlikely Hiker Trail Journal

AT thru-hike mile 165: Slowing down at Fontana Dam

I’m standing at the checkout with a cup of coffee at the General Store of Fontana Village, a resort a couple miles off the Appalachian Trail. I’ve just purchased some laundry detergent and exchanged some bills for quarters, and the cashier Edna, in a pleasant southern accent, is giving me the very specific low-down on

AT thru-hike mile 70: Hike, rinse, repeat

On Saturday, April 2, I overslept (which for me, on the trail, means I missed the sunrise), but I got moving quickly. I enjoyed a hot breakfast of oatmeal while looking out from the windy top of Tray Mountain, but I did it quickly. I only had one thing on my mind today: blazing through

AT Thru-hike day 2: Every step counts

My first morning on the trail found me at 2:30 a.m., wide awake and somewhat ready to tackle the day. I knew it was an insane hour, but my sleep schedule had been screwy for days, the first day’s hike had me knocked out pretty early, and I can rarely sleep for more than 6

Appalachian thru-hike day 1

When I lived in Colorado for ten months when I was fifteen, I first became acquainted with all of the odd and unique names of mountains and gaps and crossings. There are so many of them!  It is for this reason that when my trail guide told me that the beginning of the approach trail

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