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September 20, 2019

Sponsorship & Diabetes Fundraising

camp kno komaOur first fundraising effort has begun!  Effective January 27th, Uncle Joe’s Eclectic will be donating 10% of gross sales from it’s eBay store for craft supplies to support Camp Kno Koma, a nonprofit camp designed to provide children with diabetes a safe and fun camping experience.  Our goal is to raise at least enough money for one full camper’s fees, but I think we can do better than that.  Check out their video linked on their website or our facebook page — sure looks like a fun place to me!

Our first sponsor!

Uncle Joe's Eclectic, Inc.The Unlikely Hiker’s (Kevin McCourt’s) hike is being partially sponsored by Uncle Joe’s Eclectic, Inc., who will provide logistical shipping support to send gear and supplies back and forth between mail stops, as well as technical equipment and support to allow McCourt to chronicle his entire 2,200 mile thru-hike via text and video posts to this web site.  Uncle Joe’s Eclectic, Inc. is a family business owned by McCourt.  The self-funded startup is just beginning it’s third year (and still kicking!) with the mission of providing products and services that promote a simple, active, and self-sustaining lifestyle.  While the corporation’s current product lines consist primarily of supplies for crafts and DIY projects, including organic goods, McCourt will use the thru-hike as an opportunity to gain a deep understanding for camping, hiking and self-sustainability equipment and to engage manufacturers, hopefully expanding our product offerings into these areas.

McCourt will also be personally donating a large percentage of any revenue generated through his writing along the trip as well as the non-fiction book he intends to publish shortly after finishing the thru-hike to an organization that supports research.  Hopefully this partnership will be our next announcement.

The Book

As described in this article, McCourt will be writing a non-fiction book during his thru-hike focusing on the progression of culture to a complicated modern lifestyle that contributes to a variety of social and psychological problems, making an evidence-based argument for a simple lifestyle.  Information about the book and current backers can be found here on indiegogo.


The Unlikely Hiker is still seeking equipment sponsorship in the form of camping/hiking equipment or advanced insulin-dependence gear.  Sponsors will receive logo space on Unlikely Hiker custom dry-tech shirts, a six-month live chronicle through his blog articles and videos about how the equipment helps him make it to Katahdin, and other benefits.  If you are a manufacturer or distributor seeking more information about this opportunity, please email kevin@appalachianthruhiker.com.

Individual Sponsorship

As we get closer to the start date, there will also be opportunities for individual sponsorship as well, a substantial portion of which will also go to aid in diabetes research.  Think Hunger Games ;-).  Has it been raining for three days straight?  You’ll be able to “virtually” send Kevin things like a hot cup of coffee or a hot shower and a cot at the next hostel.  If the logistics can be arranged in time for the beginning of the hike in March, we would also like to setup a service to do this for other hikers, so that friends and family members of thruhikers can send low weight, hiker-tested care packages to your friend or family member’s next stop.

Insulin Dependent Diabetes Research

I learned very early on in my psychology studies that it was the scientific process that interested me most.  In researching thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail with insulin dependent diabetes, I have found that there is little academic research in this area, and only small tidbits of experiential data.  Given the drastic changes that must occur to both a diabetics diet and insulin usage during a thru-hike, this seems like an opportunity to collect data.  If you are a researcher in this area in an academic or medical equipment manufacturer setting and see an opportunity for data collection here, please contact me (kevin@appalachianthruhiker.com).