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November 17, 2019


rack of shirts at thrift store

Thrift store gear hunting and a history lesson in dri-tech

  I finally made it to one of the local thrift stores to see what cheap gear might be found, expecting that clothing was the most likely to be found in this particular shop, a goodwill store. ¬†Secondhand stores, vintage shops, and even the occasional “true” antique store — those offering items more than 100

Can an AT thru-hiker gear up at a thrift store? Winter rain offers opportunity to find out.

As the days count down and I likely have less than three months before I’m heading up the Amicalola Falls approach trail to Mount Springer, I was hoping to get in a hike every morning (I prefer morning hikes. ¬†Not only is this when I have the most energy, but even when hiking somewhat crowded